Welcome to a new chapter in your journey with us at DataKind-SG! As with all great stories, we start with chapter one…

At DataKind Singapore, we have worked with several Social Sector Partners to deliver data projects that aim to derive insights from their data and produce analyses and data products. We have since organized multiple Meetups to work on these data projects.

This is a book on the lessons learnt and best practices derived from these data projects on executing large collaborative data projects.

NOTE: This book is still in Alpha with many sections to be fleshed out. We seek your understanding should you encounter these sections. Nevertheless we still hope you have learnt a few tips from here.


  1. Understand NGO’s requirements fully and translate requirements into clear specific tasks
  2. Quick view and easy management of project progress
  3. Facilitate sharing and mass collaboration
  4. Reproducible pipeline, from environment to code, data analyses, documentation and products
  5. Requirements traceability
  6. Meant to be a guide rather than a dogmatic approach for future DataKind Data Ambassadorss, Project Managers and Data Experts as well as anyone involved in data projects